Religious Studies Seminar

‘From Life Reform/Lebensreform to Holistic Spirituality: Themes and Issues in European Networks c. 1910 - c.1975’ - University of Edinburgh, November 4, 2020: 4.10-5.45pm (Zoom meeting)


A panel on the soteriology and politics of natural and alternative healthcare and self-culture, with short papers based on case studies from Germany, Scotland and Switzerland. Each presentation will last 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes for questions. A short discussion period will conclude the panel.



Introduction to the panel.


17:15-17:30: Dr. Bernadett Bigalke

‘Life reform practices as religious practices: The case of Mazdaznan’.


17:30-17:45: Stefan Rindlisbacher

‘Life reform, spirituality and the healthy body’.


17:45-18:00: Dr Steven Sutcliffe

‘The role of Diet in the transnational networks of Dugald Semple’


18:00-18:15: Dr Jörg Albrecht

‘George Ohsawa’s spiritual Macrobiotics’.


18:15-18:30 Dr Eva Locher

‘Searching for orientation and meaning: The attractiveness of life reform’.



Discussion and finish.


Login details (Zoom): E-Mail to Stefan Rindlisbacher